These are photos of U.S. state signs that I shot during my 32,000-mile, 8-month solo road trip around America in 2016. I visited 46 states during my journey, in which I became the first person (I believe) to visit all 16 extreme geographic compass points of the contiguous United States. The four states I didn’t visit on this trip were Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky and Arkansas. Sorry, maybe next time!

I left the Pacific Northwest in May 2016 and returned in December. Along the way, I took a photo of every state sign as I crossed the border (weather and lighting conditions permitting) – and while standing next to it, if I could pull off the road. For different reasons, I missed three state signs during my 8-month journey (Arizona, Maryland and Washington) but got the other 43. 

Here's a short video:

Above: My parade of states (3:24)

A Parade of States


Above:  Here's my trip:  8 months, 32,000 miles, 3 countries, 46 states, 29,315 photos, and all 16 extreme geographic points of the contiguous United States.  Click on any red line (my route) or yellow dot (my nightly stops) to see more information.  Labels will begin to appear as you zoom in, and you can change the basemap by using the button in the upper left corner.




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