Above: Of all the geographic extreme points I've visited so far, this is the most surreal.  To get here, we hiked about a mile on the beach and there were several Border Patrol helicopters hovering overhead.  When we finally reached the fence, a Border Patrol agent was sitting there in a white truck, checking us out.  Very weird. (1:57)

The south-southwesternmost point of the contiguous United States is in Border Field State Park on the U.S./Mexican border, on the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean.


  • I visited this site on May 20, 2016.  
  • To read my story and see my photos, click here.
  • The coordinates of this point are: 33° 32.068' N, 117° 7.463' W. 
  • To see a Google Map of the south-southwesternmost point, click here.
  • To see the panorama photo I created at this site, click here.

How to Get There:  

To get to this point, take Interstate 5 south through San Diego and exit just north of the Mexican Border at Dairy Mart Road.  Follow this road west until you reach Border Field State Park.  The gate to the park, allowing vehicle access, is normally closed on weekdays but the park is open 7 days a week.  If the gate is closed, you'll have to walk.  Follow the dirt road west, about a mile, until you reach the Pacific Ocean, then walk south until you reach the fence on the U.S./Mexican border.  

During your walk, you'll probably see numerous Border Patrol helicopters in the air and you'll probably encounter some Border Patrol employees in this area.  Just tell them you're a friend of the Extreme Geographer and you'll be fine (just kidding!)  You'll also probably see Border Patrol staff near the fence.  I wouldn't recommend walking right up to the fence here, since this area is monitored closely and people on the Mexican side of the fence have been known to throw drugs over the fence to folks waiting on the American side.  Just use common sense.

The South-Southwesternmost Point



Above:  The south-southwesternmost point of the contiguous United States is in Border Field State Park on the Mexican border near San Diego.  I created the blue line, with a bearing of 112.5 degrees, to help me determine the south-southwesternmost point.




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