September 28, 2016

The north-northeasternmost point of the U.S. is in northern Maine near the city of Madawaska, which on a billboard on the outskirts of town proudly touts the fact that it's "The northeasternmost city in America!"  Yes, Madawaska is certainly that and bless 'em for it.

But I was here to find the north-northeasternmost point of America.  That point is on the bank of the St. John River a few miles from Madawaska. Now, there is a dirt road that leads to the north-northeasternmost point but, alas, it's on private land and there's a big "No Trespassing" sign there apparently to discourage intrepid Extreme Geographers like me.  So no luck, there.

Instead I found a much friendlier dirt road nearby and drove on it as far north-northeast as I could.  At the end of the road, I found a nice couple, Keith and Sue, chopping wood for their small business and explained to them, while cracking a few smiles, exactly what an Oregonian was doing here near Madawaska, Maine ("I'm from Portland -- but the other Portland").  

After stumbling through my explanation, I'm pleased to say that I made their day when I told them that this point of land of theirs was the north-northeasternmost place in the U.S. (well, that's publicly accessible).  They drove off with big smiles, and consequently so did I.





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