Golly folks, how life has changed since my last update!  In this round, I describe how I've been grappling with the growing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak here in Oregon.  I've also posted some helpful information about the coronavirus on my Coronavirus Solutions and Coronavirus Facts pages to hopefully counter some of the crazy stories, conspiracies and untruths that are floating around now about this virus.  On those pages I also describe what scientists are saying about what we might expect in the weeks and months ahead.  I encourage you to share these pages with anyone who is looking for facts and accurate information about the coronavirus. 

This special coronavirus section will take a while to read, so in a nod to the cute Geico ads about spending 15 minutes to save money on your car insurance, I call this section, "15 Minutes that Could Save Your Life."  Or for younger readers, maybe "15 Minutes that Could Save Your Parent's Lives."  And by sheer coincidence -- or maybe not? -- I've posted this update on March 15, better known as the Ides of March.  As Shakespeare once said, "Beware the Ides of March..." 

But seriously, this is the most important update I've posted during my 19 years and 700 pages of blogging.  If you don't want to spend those 15 minutes saving your life, I'll summarize this section for you in two paragraphs: 

I believe the coronavirus outbreak may pose the greatest threat and disruption to America since World War II.  I also believe the U.S. is woefully unprepared for it, given our fragmented and understaffed healthcare system, our complacent and divided nation, and our inept political leadership in the White House.  This past month, no matter how I've prepared for the virus, I've consistently underestimated its impact. 

I’m not trying to be an alarmist because I know we can overcome this challenge, but Americans need to wake up and start taking the coronavirus threat seriously.  We don't need to panic on the one hand, but we shouldn't be complacent, either.  We can beat this thing, but only if we get informed, drastically change our lifestyles, and prepare ourselves for the long challenge ahead.  And remember:  we're all in this together.

A somber assessment perhaps, but let's look on the bright side:  at least we're not worrying about global warming anymore!  Yep, I'm sleeping a lot better now.

My "Coping with Corona" section includes three webpages:

  • My Coronavirus Journal This narrative begins three weeks ago on February 22, 2020 and continues each week through today.  I've taken a lot of precautions about this growing threat over the past three weeks, as I describe, but each time I've underestimated the impact of the coronavirus.  Please do not underestimate this health threat.
  • Coronavirus Solutions.  I've summarized information from the leading medical experts and describe short-term and long-term solutions to this health emergency.  Unfortunately, and despite what some politicians say, there are no easy solutions to this problem.
  • Facts about COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) Again, I've relied on medical experts and have summarized here what we currently know about the coronavirus.  I'll update this section frequently as we learn more about this virus.

Please read on if you'd like to know how I've been dealing with the coronavirus threat here in Oregon-- and how you can save your life (and in only 15 minutes!)  And beware of those Ides.  What is an Ide, anyway?  Gee, Ide don't know.




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