These are photos of U.S. state signs that I shot during my 32,000-mile, 8-month solo road trip around America in 2016. I visited 46 states during my journey, in which I became the first person (I believe) to visit all 16 extreme geographic compass points of the contiguous United States. The four states I didn’t visit on this trip were Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky and Arkansas. Sorry, maybe next time!

I left the Pacific Northwest in May 2016 and returned in December. Along the way, I took a photo of every state sign as I crossed the border (weather and lighting conditions permitting) – and while standing next to it, if I could pull off the road. For different reasons, I missed three state signs during my 8-month journey (Arizona, Maryland and Washington) but got the other 43. 

Here's a short video:

Above:  An animated video of my route follwed by my parade of states (5:53)

A Parade of States



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