I've posted Harold Conrad's journal of LST 612 below.

As I described on my Introduction page, I was given this journal in 1999 by my aunt, Dorothy Conrad, who was Harold's widow.  I briefly looked at the journal in 1999 after my aunt gave it to me, but then I put it away.  Twenty years later, in July 2019, I came across Harold's journal again and this time I decided to scan it and post it on my website, so I could share it with others. 

I believe this is one of the only journals ever published or posted that describes life onboard an LST (Landing Ship, Tank) during World War II.  I believe it's also one of the few World War II journals written on the front lines that was typed, rather than handwritten.  My uncle Harold was a Storekeeper First Class on LST 612, so he had access to a typewriter and I could picture him pounding away each steamy night at the keyboard in his tiny, stuffy office in the rear of the 612.  

I’ve compiled Harold's journal into a 150-page PDF file (44 MB).  You can download it by clicking on the first page (the image below).

Above:  The uncle I never met:  Harold Conrad, Storekeeper First Class, at the typewriter in his tiny office on LST 612 in the Pacific.  A picture of his wife, my Aunt Dorothy, is on the shelf behind him.
    Above:  Harold's journal of LST 612 (PDF format; 150 pages).



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