Judging from the dozens of boxes of family photos and mementos that I have in my den, you could say that I'm interested -- no, very interested -- in my family's history and genealogy.  In fact, I've spent quite literally thousands of hours over the past 20 years researching and documenting the history of my family.  In this section I've posted several stories here about my family.  It's mostly for my family members and friends but everyone's welcome here, of course.  So far I've posted stories about:

  • An Everlasting Love - The Story of My Parents:  I started writing a biography about my parents, Don and Anne Leu, in the summer of 2018 and it's now up to 240 pages.  I'm posting selected excerpts of that biography in this section.  Hope you like it!
  • LST 612:  As I recently learned, my uncle, Harold Conrad, who I never met, served in the U.S. Navy during World War II on a ship called LST 612.  I did some research recently and learned a lot about these amazing Navy ships, the most versatile ships in the fleet and during amphibious invasions, probably the most important.  This section describes the story of his ship.
  • My Sister Doti:  My sister, Doti Leu, passed away in January 2017.  She was a wonderful person and I've posted information about her in this section.


I've also posted lots of family stories on my earlier website, www.DelsJourney.com.  Some day when I have time (or when I get suitably motivated) I plan to consolidate all the stories under one website.  Until then, please check out my DelsJourney site if you want to learn more about my family.




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