Hi folks!  My name is Del Leu and thanks for visiting my website. I created this website in May 2016 to describe my travels during my 8-month, 48-state adventure as I visit extreme geographic places around the U.S. and Canada -- just me and my truck.  

Above:  Here's my trip so far:  10 weeks, 23 stops -- including a long one in Lake City, Colorado -- and 11,083 miles. Click on any red line (my route) or blue dot (my nightly stops) to see more information. And click on the "tile" button to change the basemap; my favorite is the National Geographic map. To expand the map to a full screen, click on the link above left.

So what's "extreme geography"? Think of places like the highest city in the U.S., the lowest lake, the largest county -- basically anything with an "est" in it. I do computer mapping for a living and in my spare time, I love visiting "est" places for fun. And I'm taking an 8-month break from work so I can do just that. 

I've begun posting updates and photos, starting with my recent experience in Qatar as a little background info. Please check back soon because I'll be posting stories about my U.S. road trip in the coming days. And feel free to check out my travels and adventures from 2001-2012 on my companion website, www.DelsJourney.com

So here's a quick summary of my current trip:  I worked in Qatar, a small country in the Middle East, for three years doing mapping work and returned to my hometown, Portland, Oregon, in March 2016. After getting a new truck (see below), I spent two months in Portland getting ready for my trip. I left on May 13 and so far have visited the American West and Southwest, and I'm currently in Colorado getting my website up to date.

Above:  Here's me and my Toyota truck (with the XT GEOG license plate) near Lake City, Colorado in July.  Look familiar? Take a look at the last picture in the slideshow at the top of this page.  Back in 1986, when I worked as a BLM ranger in Lake City, I took that shot at this same location.  

Since leaving Portland, I've visited several extreme geographic places, including:

  • The wettest city in the U.S. (Forks, Washington)
  • The hottest and driest place in North America (Death Valley)
  • The lowest lake in North America (the Salton Sea)
  • The highest city in the U.S. (Leadville, Colorado), and most importantly
  • The funniest town name in America (Humptulips, Washington).

I'll be posting stories and pictures of those places (and many more) soon.

One of my goals is to become the first person to visit all 16 extreme geographic compass points in the contiguous United States, such as the westernmost point (in the state of Washington), the southeasternmost point (in Florida) and the west-southwesternmost point (in California). So far, I've been to seven of them -- nine still to go!

Once again, welcome to my website. Be sure to check out some of the stories I've written so far, thanks again for visiting, and check back soon for more updates!